Information About TellingBeatzz Music Production Platform


The music production and licensing industry has nowadays grown due to technology, whereby music producers and musicians can go online and download instrumentals they can make music to. Besides, there are many online platforms that sell these instrumentals. Social networking platforms, beat shops and private music producer websites are several options where you can go and buy licenses for these instrumentals and start making your music as soon as possible. Nonetheless, Tellingbeatzz is one such music production and licensing platform that sell instrumentals to musicians out there. Most artists out there who are active in the game can attest to the fact that they are conversant with TellingBeatzz and might have used it at one point of their music career. Artists and music producers use this platform since it has a broad range of music instrumentals of different genres.

If you are new to Tellingbeatzz at, simply head there now. The thing about this site is that you don’t have to register for an account to navigate the numerous beats and instrumentals available on this platform. You can listen to countless of distinct beats that have been made by various producers. You also have the option of choosing which genre you want to listen to since these instrumentals are grouped in sub-categories.

For first-time Tellingbeatzz users, they should ensure they go through the music instrumental charts thoroughly if they want to find the best beat for their music. Don’t just search the first few pages of the charts. Artists sometimes have a wrong perception that beats which appears on the first few pages of the chart are the best. People who have been using TellingBeatzz for some time now will tell you that just because certain beats appear at the top of the chart doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best. For you to find the beat of your choice you have to go through the entire chart since you might find some wonderful and great beats sitting at the bottom of the list. Read more claims at

As Soon as you find the instrumentals of your choice, you can be able to buy them directly from the producer or through the Tellingbeatzz platform. Payment is usually done via the online money transfer platforms available on the internet. After doing this, the instrumental will be sent to you as an attachment to your email address. Alternatively Tellingbeatzz will provide you with a link where you will be able to download it.

For individuals who would like to meet up with some of these music producers to maybe get a customized instrumental for an upcoming project, Tellingbeatzz online platform can help you out but you have to register to be a member of this fraternity.